How Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts Help People with Poor Credit Scores


Finding a mortgage plan as well as applying for a loan and obtaining something as simple as a mobile phone contract can be a herculean task for a person with poor credit scores. If you are in this category, you should apply for guaranteed mobile phone contracts. If you applied for a conventional plan in the past but never received favourable response and your request was declined, you now need to go for the guaranteed contracts.

High-Risk Subscribers

The UK service providers will see you as a high-risk subscriber upon learning about your poor credit scores. This is because of the fear that service providers have regarding your ability to pay fees on time. The service providers are concerned about your ability to afford the phone plan in the long run. Despite the seemingly heartbreaking situation, you should not despair but remember that you can apply for guaranteed mobile phone plans.

No More Demeaning Checks

The subjection that people with poor credit scores have to face from service providers can be quite demeaning. Fortunately, the UK market is now full of service providers that show little interest in the good or bad credit scores of applicants. Through such contracts, users are able to apply for loans they find most suitable based on their lifestyles as well as needs and budget. This way, the contracts prevent subscribers from falling deeper in debt.

Choice of Handsets

The guaranteed mobile phone contracts allow applicants to choose their preferred handsets. This means that users are not forced to use phones that they do not want. The only downside is that users have a limited range of handsets from which to choose. With good credit scores, your options will be much wider. The bright side of these contracts is that they help you to benefit from a competitively priced mobile phone contract regardless of your credit scores.

Enhancing Communication

More importantly, this mobile phone contract ensures that you continue staying in touch with people that are close to your heart. You are never out of reach and anybody who wants to can call or send a text message to you through your phone. If not for the guaranteed mobile phone contracts, a significant portion of the UK population would be unable to communicate with family, loved ones, friends and workmates because of poor credit scores.
Guaranteed mobile phone contracts provide phones for all and further information on the same can be found at Applicants are able to apply for different guaranteed phone contracts. Applicants can choose from 12-month, 18-month and 24-month phone plans despite poor credit scores. Just as it is the case with normal phone plans, the applicant will not own the mobile phone until he pays for it completely by adhering to the monthly payment schedule.
Therefore, by availing phones for all, guaranteed mobile phone contracts can help subscribers repair their damaged or poor credit scores. Applicants achieve this by adhering to the payment schedule without defaulting. By adhering to the payment plan, applicants will learn financial discipline thus bringing their finances back to order while replicating this new habit in other areas of their lives to enjoy more fiscal freedom in future.


What are the Best Cheap Mobile Phones in 2015?


The hardware and operating systems on mobile phones have undergone considerable upgrading in 2015. Nowadays, the cheap mobile phones do more than merely letting you to talk and send or receive text messages.
Finding the cheapest phone is not impossible. The UK market is full of mobile phones that users can get on a budget but continue using to browse, take photos, record videos, make calls and receive or send text messages.
Some of the best phones on a budget include the following:

Motorola Moto G

You will struggle to find a much cheaper mobile phone in the UK market than Motorola Moto G, which was launched in 2014. The only downside to this phone is the disappointing battery life and a much lower sharpness compared to what the Moto G of 2013 has.
The 8GB version goes for £159 while the 16GB version sells for £189.

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

The phone boasts of a good battery life as well as top-notch water resistance. Some of the less admirable qualities include the uncompetitive screen as well as clumsy waterproofing flaps. In terms of style, this phone resembles Xperia Z3.
For a phone only offer, customers have to pay £158.

Microsoft Lumia 640

Impressive display and great battery life are the two main selling points of this cheap mobile phone. The two main drawbacks include the fact that the phone is not one of the best looking and it also has an older processor.
However, paying only £118 for the phone only is a good deal.

Huawei Ascend G7

The phone offers value for money, in addition to possessing a premium design. The unoriginal design is perhaps one of the reasons the phone is cheap. The 720pixel screen is also not great news if you need a phone with better specs.
The phone costs around £199.

EE Kestrel

You will not find many cheaper 4G mobile phones than the EE Kestrel model. Quad-core power is one of the phone’s major attractions. The low build qualities in addition to the childish-looking Emotion UI are not good attributes of this phone.
Paying only £99.99 for this phone is a bargain.

HTC Desire 510

With a speedy operating system, the HTC Desire 510 is one of the best 4G mobile phones on a budget. The unattractive screen and limited internal storage are just but a few of the less desirable qualities of the phone.
With a retail price of £123.99, this phone is a bargain.

Nokia Lumia 735

The front facing camera takes good shots. The HD screen is a definite plus of the phone. On the other hand, the sluggish feel of the phone takes away from its impressive features. The frustrating keyboard does not help matters.
The phone alone costs £179.99.

Motorola Moto E

The solid design of Motorola Moto E makes the low price for this phone great. On the other hand, some of the display issues that the phone has provide a few reasons for the cheap price. The insufficient storage is also not good.
The phone goes for as low as £100.

Nokia Lumia 530

This is a tiny Smartphone that goes for a ridiculously small price. The phone is not only cheap, but also has support for micro SD card. The absence of a front facing camera and flash are some of the drawbacks that the phone has.
The phone is available at a SIM-free rate of £54.99 from the Microsoft store.


Why Cheap Mobile Phones Rule the UK Market


Some of the most popular gadgets in the UK market today are the cheap mobile phones. In the UK, close to 61 percent of people with a mobile phone prefer using these gadgets for accessing the Internet. This is just one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of budget mobile phones in the country. The UK boasts of more than 89.9 million mobile subscriptions today. More people and companies give out budget phones as free gifts.

Free Gifts and Beneficial Plans

Budget mobile phones end up in the hands of the UK consumer mostly as free gifts from beneficial plans. The UK consumer is able to choose his preferred mobile phone plan based on needs and budget. When mobile phones first emerged in the UK, they were viewed as luxury and status commodities. The situation has changed considerably to a point where the phones are now at the centre of driving the UK economy forward.

Promotes Social Inclusion

The promotion of social inclusion is a role that the cheap mobile phones play in the UK. The demand for mobile phones has been on the rise with more people looking for the inexpensive models, which help them to save money. The uncertain performance of the economy has also made the UK residents a bit cautious regarding their use of money. The cheap phones are also available on different plans such as Contract Phone plans and Pay As You Go among others.
The Contract Phone deals allow subscribers to pay at the end of each month. On the other hand, SIM-free deals allow subscribers to choose their preferred service providers. Service providers constantly have to come up with innovative ideas to make sales and get more customers. Consequently, the service providers must reduce the price of mobile phones to attract more paying or buying customers.

Brings Phones within Reach

Some of the most popular models in the UK market today are expensive and beyond the reach of many customers. By making more cheap mobile phones available, manufacturers and service providers want to assure customers that they can get their preferred models at much lower rates. Once again, this stems from the understanding of the crucial role that mobile phones play in driving the local economy to new levels of growth.

Demand for Functional Phones

The UK consumer is more inclined to buy a functional phone. He just needs a phone that enables him to perform his functions well and communicate with all the people that play a crucial role in his work or life. Consequently, to meet these goals, the consumer is more likely to opt for the cheap mobile phones instead of spending huge sums of money on the high-end products that could drive him to debt or mess up with his finances.
For these reasons, there is little doubt regarding the fact that cheap mobile phones are ruling the UK market today. The high-end mobile phones that cost a fortune have their place in the UK market. Similarly, the budget mobile phones also play a significant role in the day-to-day living including socializing and work-related functions. What the UK consumer sees as the most expensive mobile phone today could be the cheapest model tomorrow.


Where and how you can get cheap mobile phones for sale


The irrefutable fact is that we all need a mobile phone irrespective of our social strata or our tastes and preferences. A mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives that it’s almost impossible imagining a person without one in this time and age in the UK. At the center of it all, we all have different uses as well as preferences when it comes to mobile phones. There are those who prefer simple basic cheap mobile phones for making calls and sending text messages while there are those who prefer high end phones that act as mini computers.
Whatever your preference; the bottom line is that owning a mobile phone is nowadays a rule rather than an exception. Considering that we all don’t have the same financial muscle, the question of cheap mobile phones and where to get them will crop up every once in a while. So where and how can you get cheap mobile phones for sale?

a) Online stores and websites

In a world where virtually everything revolve online, there is no denying that its one of the best places where you can get access to cheap mobile phones. With numerous online stores and websites offering different deals, finding cheap mobile phones is no longer a daunting task. If you don’t know where to look, comparison sites have made it simple for you to find online stores that offer cheap mobile phone deals.

b) Buying phones from colleagues or friends

Do you have a friend seeking to buy a brand new phone and willing to sell their current phone? Well, if you are looking for cheap mobile phones, then buying from friends who are most likely to relinquish their phones at a cheap price is all you need to do. Unlike the cheeky and smart salesmen found in stores, friends are not likely to dupe us on phone features or hike phone prices. You also probably have seen them using the phone over time and therefore you can tell if you are getting value for money or not.

c) Buying from the used phone market

The mobile phone industry is dynamic and new handsets are being manufactured and released on a daily basis. This of course has created an influx of refurbished or old handsets. Such phones can be found in the used phone market retailing at a much cheaper price. Phones from the used market are relatively cheap and sellers tend to offer discounts or offer free accessories to offload as newer handsets are being released in the market.

d) Wait till the festive season sales

It’s an open secret that mobile phone manufacturers and dealers tend to reduce mobile phone prices during the festive seasons as a way of rewarding or appreciating their customers and giving back to them. They also do it in the spirit of festivities to enable individuals buy their loved ones cheap mobile phones as a gift. Even high end phones tend to retail at a relatively cheaper price during the festive period. In addition to that, most dealers want to get rid of their old stock as new phones are being released in the market. You simply need to take advantage of these offers for cheap mobile phones.


A Look at the Benefits of Owning Cheap Mobile Phones


The mobile industry has indeed undergone a complete metamorphosis from what it was during its initial years. In fact, it’s almost impossible to fathom that at some point, mobile phones were largely considered a preserve of the rich and the affluent of this world. Anybody owning a mobile phone in the UK at the time was seen as being part of a rich clique. In other words, mobile phones were viewed as luxurious gadgets and a prerogative of the affluent. However, this is now history as mobile phones have transformed to become a necessity so much so that owning a mobile phone in the UK and other parts of the globe is a norm, the rule rather than an exception.

There is a mobile phone for generally all specifications and it would be foolhardy for any person to not own one going by the numerous benefits that affordable and cheap mobile phones have. Whether you want a phone with basic functionality or you simply want one with the latest features, the truth is that you can always find a cheap mobile phone to suit your specifications. So what are the benefits of owning a mobile phone?

You stay connected on the go

If there is any single greatest benefit of owning a mobile phone, it has to be the fact that it allows you to stay connected while on the go from whatever part of the world. In fact, just looking at how mobile phones have transformed our lives, it’s hard to imagine that a few years ago; we used to queue on phone booths simply to make a phone call and communicate with our friends, family and loved ones. You can stay connect while on the go with an expensive latest high end device or a cheap mobile phone with basic functionality. It simply doesn’t matter the kind you own.

Mobile phones are instrumental during emergencies

Ever wondered what would happen if you are lost in the middle of nowhere or stuck in a traffic jam while you should be attending an important meeting or going for a crucial appointment? During such emergencies, mobile phones make it simple for you to communicate and seek for help or explain your predicament to interest parties.

Navigation at the palm of your hands

The great thing about mobile technology is that it’s constantly being improved and upgraded. In that regard, even the cheapest of mobile phones are now being installed with GPRS and GPS systems making it easy for you to navigate your way to a place you have never been to before nor have a clue of its terrain. With a mobile internet, navigation has become as simple as a walk in the park with mobile phones.

Entertainment on the go

Whether you own a cheap mobile phone or an exorbitant high end phone, one can thing you can be rest assured of is entertainment on the go. Even the cheapest of mobile phones have a radio installed, a music player and gaming feature making it simple for you to play games and have wholesome entertainment while on the go.

Easy transfer of data

The Bluetooth feature that makes it simple for individuals to transfer data, share music files, videos, and even pictures can be found in some of the cheapest mobile phones you can imagine. Transferring is within seconds and it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your phone is.

A mobile phone is nowadays like a mini computer

Thanks to 3G or 4G technology and amazing high internet speeds, you don’t have to buy a newspaper or rush to watch television to get the latest breaking news. You can do this from the comfort of your mobile phone. You can interact on social media, make electronic payments using your mobile phone and even stream the latest movies right from your mobile device.